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Profile of : "Kibet KOSKEI"

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Names : Kibet KOSKEI
Other Names : First and Fast Capital
Phone No. : +254072155497

Conman Target : Kibet of First and Fast Capital wanted Pay pal currency to pay for his websites. He was sent 299$ with a promise to repay before Jan 10th 2015 but has since blocked his debtor.

Detailed Complaint : This guy called Kibet Koskei of First and Fast Capital is a CONMAN. He has refused to pay back my 299 dollars since Jan 10, 2015. I sent him two batches of Pay Pal dollars. The first batch was $149 and was sent on (Date: Jan 7, 2015; Time: 00:59:02 PST; Status: Completed) while the second batch was $150 and was sent on (Date: Jan 9, 2015; Time: 03:13:18 PST; Status: Completed). He wanted the Pay Pal currency to pay for his websites' (BTW, he claims he has five websites) annual hosting subscription. The agreement was that he would payback the money in Mpesa currency at a rate of KES 88 per dollar before Jan 10, 2015. Unfortunately, he has not paid a dime to this date. What concerns me is that he has been giving conflicting stories which were not part of our agreement. He has gone ahead and blocked me and my wife on FB and he does not pick my calls. I have spent my time and money chasing him up and this has left me emotionally distressed. Does anyone know his physical address? He used to have an office at Development House but am told he moved to another location. His company's FB fan page is shown below. His phone numbers are: +254-532-030-323; +254-720-655-007; +254072155497. I have attached proof of the two transactions: