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Profile of : "Betty MULI"

Names : Betty MULI
Other Names : Director of Baby Stuff
Phone No. :

Conman Target : Betty Muli owes Kshs.800,000 to a lady who was a friend of hers I imagine and hasn't paid a single cent since 2012.

Detailed Complaint : The managing director of Baby Stuff, a Ms. Betty Muli, borrowed KES 800k from me in September 2012 to start up her online business.This was to be repaid by March 2013. She paid regularly for about three months then sporadically since. She has not even reached 200k. She always says she has no money to pay me yet she lives in an expensive apartment and her child attends a very expensive school. I had borrowed a loan to support her and i have since been paying the loan plus interest. Kindly Intervene. Thank you. I called Ms. Muli about a month ago and she was to send me proof that she has been paying Lisa only to lie that Safaricom systems are down and she was asked to go back after two weeks. Never heard from her again.