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Profile of : "Dr. Paul MWANIKI"

Names : Dr. Paul MWANIKI
Other Names : Chairman of PSK
Phone No. : 0724-623733

Conman Target : Dr. Mwaniki is the chairman of PSK and owner of Kileleshwa Medical Center, took out a loan paid some and the rest was paid by the guarantors who are now seeking a refund. But he remains stoic and arrogant in Buyer Beware where he comments.

Detailed Complaint : Hi Jackson.would really appreciate your assistance. One Dr.Paul Mwaniki 0724-623733,the chairman of PSK,and the owner of Kileleshwa Medical Centre happened to take a loan in a sacco and three of us ladies signed as his guarantors.He later left the company and his promises to repay the loan never materialised.We have been deducted from our payslips for the last several months until we fully repaid it. He has been treating us so harshly any time we contact him in a bid to recover our money.The guy is loaded,but refuses to pay coz there isnt much we can do to him. The loan was 300k, his savings paid up some amount.The much he owes us is 77k Kindly help us