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Profile of : "Corrupt POLITICIAN"

Names : Corrupt Kenyan POLITICIAN
Other Names : Government of Kenya
Phone No. :

Conman Target : A Kenyan politician has grabbed a public road, obliges every car to pay Kshs.250 in order to access their business and places of work. Parking fee is being collected by Diire Investments, the same company that collects parking fees in Eldoret Internationa

Detailed Complaint : Dear BB, I am livid. Why? Because I am being charged by a private developer (a highly powerful politician) Ksh. 250 a day every time I use the road going into the Wilson Airport area (not into the airport itself). The organisation where I work and many other businesses (banks, restaurants, pubs etc) have their locations outside the airport. Rightfully bought the premises and parking areas for their staff and visitors. Before, the toll station used to be at the entrance of the airport by KAA. Now this has been moved to the entrance off the slip road from Langata Road. To make matters worse, it is owned by a politician. Not KAA, Not County council. So basically, the road in and out of the airport surrounding has been privatised! And as Kenyans, we seem to have accepted and moved on? This guy is raking millions everyday. I am livid!