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Profile of : "Sara FROM HELL"

Names : Sara Maid FROM HELL
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Conman Target : This lady left a 7 month old baby alone in the house with a pillow on its head! If it were not for the big sister, the baby was definately going to die.

Detailed Complaint : Beware of this Lady.. She calls herself Sara...she was my Dm for only three weeks. Yesterday she stole my phone, cash, clothes and shoes.... She left my 7 month old on the couch and the heavy pillow was on her face..she was seen leaving my home area at baby was alone from 12.00 and was later saved by her 7 year old big sister at 5.30 from school..she had a colour change on her face due to lack of sufficient oxygen..she was sweating She doesnt have a heart... I hope she doesnt get to be employed by anyone.. She is more than dangerous .. May the Lord deal with her accordingly I thank God my baby is safe