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Names : Kuldeep SHAH
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Conman Target : Kuldeep Shah of Bela Vista Travels has conned many through his new business, whereby he promisess to book tickets and other things upon receiving payments, and never delivers.

Detailed Complaint : Kuldeep Shah a con man or not??? Story as revealed after research conducted via phone calls through various members of the family and friends. Kuldeep known as Paji Shah has apparently conned many through his new business BELA VISTA TRAVELS promising to book tickets and other things upon receiving payments. He collected the money not booking a single thing then overnight closed shop and gone missing in action. After I received two such stories from people directly affected by this I researched on it. Transcripted quotes from phone calls to various members of the family. FATHER: "He has run away I don't know why? We are looking for him. He was last seen badly beaten up and threatened." WIFE: " I don't know where my husband is. I don't know any story regarding what has or may have happened" FRIENDS: " He is a regular casino player and often seen every weeknight at pubs and mujras favoring the low life incurring debts running into figures unknown." I have seen records of payments made by those conned and yet no bookings made. As a member of our community although not directly affected by this man I took it upon myself to find and reveal the truth before anyone else falls for this trap. I respect his parents who may know or not about their son. I retracted my earlier post after a phone call from his wife stating that her employment will be affected. Whilst wanting to name and shame the person directly involved I wouldn't want to hurt the family members. However this post is to state please be aware of your rights when conducting business in a professional manner. To trust may not be a crime but could cost you heavily. Laws are guidelines for us to follow to prevent from this kind of pple. Remain alert!!!!