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Names : Simon MOSIRO
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Conman Target : He poses as a deco expert but either delivers a shoddy job or never delivers at all! Several complaints against him are up.

Detailed Complaint : This is from someone who needs to remain anonymous as she has received threats. Please is there a way we can help her and the other victims? "Hi so i decided to send it to you. This Guy Simon Mosiro, i only met him on FB. i saw his group, the Ndungu group and liked what he had on display so i called him so we could agree on a deal. i was 8 months pregnant by then. he came to my office at RBA and after afew meetings, he visiting my house (i had not moved in by then but i asked him to check the house out before doing anything) we agreed on the coulour and measurements of the seats etc. i also left some markings on where exactly the seats should be seeing as they were corner seats and they have to be well placed. we had agreed that i paySo about a week before my due date(round 10th August). the total amout was supposed to be 95000. 30k first installment (of which he was to deliver the seats) and then 15k for the subsequent months as i was not able to pay the whole amount in full. we all agreed to do this. so i paid my fist installment, infact i paid 30k, as i was being admitted to hospital and he was to deliver the seats after 2 days. he didnt do it.imagine the shock of going home with a small baby, expecting visitors and all that only to find seats that are half dont. i called him severally but all he did was come up with stories. he knew how important this was as i was going to have visitors at home. he eventually delivered them the same day i got home. one set had no cushions and the other side was half the size, he however agreed to add an extra piece. remember we had agreed on the size and i had left the markings on the floor. so for the next many days i had to make do with the seats with no cushions and at some point i had to buy plastic seats because i couldnt afford to buy new seats. he kept giving me empty promises. so when the due date for payment came i refused to pay him because coincidentally i stumbled on a goup on fb with people who had dealt with him whom he had conned. o i brougth this up with him and told him i wasnt going to fall prey. he got mad and started threatening me so i involved the police. that was after many days ofcalling, him saying he was goinng to refund my money and piling more lies so i built up a case and police were happy to take him in. he stayed in karen police for like 3 days and then went to court, industrial area cell and finally pleaded guilty. this was however the criminal court because of the threats. i havnt pursued the other issue, which am told falls under the civil court, so my issue is still unresolved. the seats look bad, he did a bad job and actually the seats are falling apart as we speak. i think he does this to ladies. there was also someone else who he did the same thing to, i however dont know if he finished for her."