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Profile of : "Ruth KIMATHI"

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Names : Ruth Karambu KIMATHI
Other Names :
Phone No. : 0713402299

Conman Target : Ruth is a scammer. We were doing business together, she borrowed money for some unrelated business, then disappeared. I even called the person who introduced me to her and I was told the same thing happened to her.

Detailed Complaint : Lived in Imara Daima until recently, we believe she went to Meru or Isiolo. She claimed to run a petroleum business but in reality she was hired as a marketer/courier for petroleum distributor (i.e. she was sent to coast or the depot to accompany the trucks and ensure that the drivers or police didn't siphon any of the fuel or tamper with the seals) -------------------------------------------- Ruth Karambu Kimathi is a serial scammer who asked for soft loans from multiple people on the pretense that she was a broker for a petroleum dealer. Her mode of operation is to gain the trust of people, ask them for a soft loan to assist her with her business of shipping oil from Mombasa to organizations that are supposedly in Nairobi, Eastern and Central province. Then when the shipment was done and payment received from her "customers" she would pay back the soft loan with interest. Unfortunately this did not happen and she scammed several people out of 10's of thousands of shillings each. She would repeatedly use this scam for new unsuspecting victims and she would also frequently move houses to avoid previous victims. National Identity Number: 25653854 You already have all her phone numbers from me from the previous email, also I've attached photos in a zipfile. 0713402299 0713528255 0725538515