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Profile of : "Anthony OKECH"

Names : Anthony OKECH
Other Names : Omondi Tonney in FB
Phone No. : 0710202227

Conman Target : Anthony Okech claims to be a realtor working at Centum, borrowed Kshs.120,000 and has since refused to pay.

Detailed Complaint : Conman of the day award goes to..This conman has to sell his designer suits...deni lazima ilipwe. .Huyu Ni dry cleaning only! Kindly expose thisman by the name Anthony Okech of 0710202227. He is Omondi Tonney on Facebook. He claims to be a realtor and works for Centum but its all part of his con game. He borrowed 120,000shs from me in April 2016 to discharge his mother who had been admitted in a Mombasa hospital. He was to repay the money in June 2016. To date I have not received a cent. He doesn't answer my calls and has blocked me on Facebook and WhatsApp. I went to Centum offices to report him but was told they don't have anybody by that name. I reported the matter to Central police in January and they are yet to find him. Please find pictures of him and texts exchanged.