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Profile of : "George AMOLO"

Names : George AMOLO
Other Names :
Phone No. : 0723353081/0722171097

Conman Target : George Amolo is a building contractor who has refused to pay Kshs.166,000 to one of his furniture suppliers, who took out a loan for the same.

Detailed Complaint : I supplied this guy George Amolo (fb name) a building contractor, with furnishings for a clients house he was completing in Karen in May and June 2016, also some 3 trollies for another client in August 2016. On both occassions he was to pay in two weeks times. Ever since then I have been begging for payments. He knows I took bank loans to fund these businesses, he pays in bits like I took the loan on his behalf. Today as I post this auctioneers have a secong letter for coming for my securities and those of my guarantors. I have 3 months loan arrears but he keeps lying and giving empty promises. I get calls on a daily basis from the bank debt recovery derpartment, the loans officer and auctioneers. I have told him about it and also shared the messages but he pays a little then goes silent. I cant even conduct business anymore. Please help me in recovering my not less than 100k. I need to clear this loan and have peace of mind. Hii biashara imenipatia HBP na anxiety, whenever my phone rings nadhani tu ni auctioneers, when I sleep I dream about people carrying my stuff because its all I think about all day. There is nothing as depressing as being broke and in debts. I have had to leave my little ones alone at 9pm to go meet him up and still its empty promises of paying. I have waited for him in town till very late hours sometimes he shows up with empty promises other times he doesnt. He keeps expecting monies from different clients which in the end dont materialise for me. Please its ironical that I helped build someone elses house and mine is about to go down. His numbers are 0723353081/0722171097. I have carbon copies of invoices and deliveries that dont show clearly on camera and here are strings of our conversations for proof. Nimesema yote