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Profile of : "Maureen MOMANYI"

Names : Maureen MOMANYI
Other Names :
Phone No. : 0721683470

Conman Target : Maureen is the mother of all scams, runs a fake cancer organisation EARLY CANCER CARE AND DETECTION CENTER in Nairobi, more in the link

Detailed Complaint : This lady Maureen Momanyi refused to pay for the two handbags I delivered to her in November last year. She said she would pay when she gets paid but she hasn't paid a cent till now. Guys please beware. She is not a honest lady. And don't sell on credit, it doesn't matter what the reason is. Just sell cash on delivery. Now that I exposed her on Buyer Beware - Kenya, she had insulted me publicly. What's incredible is the fact that she would mock me because of my disability. Yes. I'm disabled. I have a hearing impairment since birth. Does that make me less of a human being? And btw, disability is not a result of witchcraft. Let's respect everyone, we all have the same Creator. Anyone who mocks a disabled person mocks his/her Creator. Even after people demand that I be duly compensated, Maureen Momanyi decides to switch off her phone and delete her Facebook account. Beware. You could end up being her next victim. Thanks Fridah Kageni Here for adding me here. And to all who've supported me, thanks sana. Monday 10th April 2017. Please allow me to add something else. Maureen paid the 4k after this wonderful group put pressure on her. Ata she apologised.... That happened yesterday (Sunday 9th April 2017). That's the power of this incredible group and I'm so thankful for that. This is where the plot thickens. You see that cancer card below? It transpired that it's fake. The domain name and the email address don't match. Using an URL of an international company of repute (and it is protected by a copyright btw) is illegal. You can be sued for alot of money. It emerged here that she has been using this card to get cash under false pretence. She lied to me that her mum was sick kumbe her mom passed on when she was smaller. She also lied that on a weekend she was to entertain cancer patients at kenyatta at a special treat and was asking me for a loan which she would pay back. I believed her and nikamwambia sina pesa but I would give her something small to support those with cancer. I gave her my donation plus some clothes and until yesterday I didn't know it was a scam. It also transpired that she's been using this to con other people. Now what I really hate is the fact that I made her RICH with THAT donation. I hate the fact I've been conned TWICE. It's not right. It's just unthinkable to take advantage of the cancer patients who need so much help. God it's too much. It's too much guys....