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Profile of : "Sammy KAMAU"

Names : Sammy Mwaura KAMAU
Other Names :
Phone No. : +254721670609

Conman Target : Sammy Kamau goes around asking for monies from his friends and never pays a dime. Be warned.

Detailed Complaint : A Few months ago a friend (same campus jkuat) named SAMMY MWAURA KAMAU approached me to my office and asked for a loan of 135,000/= to finance his urgent LPO of buying computer accessories.We had a brief conversation on when he was supposed to make payments to which he has never honored.He has been showing fake cheques to me with his name promising that once it matures he shall send the money.This had been done for 4 times then.On the day it gets to mature stories arise claiming how the bank has blocked his payments,or the cheque has bounced,or he had an emergency with the money,or even cant pick my calls and when he does he insults me that i can do whatever i want.Later on he came to my office apologised and agreed to sign a contract under a lawyer watch on how he was to make payments.Photos of him signing are here with me.Again he hasnt honored the contract and now he has gone completely mteja for a month now and gone to an extend of blocking me on facebook.but i had already done some snaps of him.I have contacted his friends and they too claim they had been called for a similar assist of money.His Number is +254721670609 SAMMY MWAURA KAMAU.Lets make him famous.